DIY Dollar Store Easter Decorations Ideas

If you love holidays, then you are sure to rejoice in the Spring season. Getting your house ready needn’t cost a lot of money – take influence from these Dollar Store Easter Decorations that you can easily make yourself with just a quick trip to the store and some creativity. You can get the whole family involved and then treasure the decorations for years to come.

1. Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

Dollar Tree Easter Wreath
Glue on many plastic eggs with Easter grass to a wreath shape to recreate this idea.

2. Tulip Door Decor

Tulip Door Decor

3. Easter Egg Wreath

4. Pastel Blue Tray

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5. Polka Dot Tiered Tray

Polka Dot Tiered Tray

6. Easter Tubs

Easter Tubs

7. Easter Egg Lights

Easter Egg Lights

8. Easter Centerpiece

Easter Centerpiece

9. Rabbit Ears on Canldesticks

Rabbit Ears on Canldesticks

10. Deco Mesh Centerpiece

Deco Mesh Centerpiece

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