DIY Dollar Store Baby Shower Ideas

If you are looking to hold a party on a budget – then these Dollar Store Baby Shower Ideas are for you. Why spend a lot of money on making the perfect celebration, when you can tap into your creative flair and make stunning centerpieces and decorations with little to no money.

1. Carousel Themed

budget birthday party ideas kids
This is the cutest idea for any party. Start with a horse from the dollar store and spray paint in gold. Use a drill to make a hole and insert a pretty striped paper straw. Take a round gold box, this could be an up-cycled gift box for example, spray paint in gold and hot glue the gold horse on top. Add trim such as flowers and beads and you can make these in multiple sizes to really add to the carousel effect. This is such a versatile theme it could be used for many parties such as birthdays and weddings.
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2. Gold Bottle Trophy

diy baby shower ideas on a budget
This is a great prize for baby shower game winners. Purchase some baby bottles and candle holders in your nearest dollar store. Attach with glue and spray paint in gold.

3. Burlap Utensil

dollar store baby shower decorations

4. Princess-Candy-Jars


5. BabyBlocks

Cardboard blocks look great for baby showers. You can use cardboard shipping boxes and get wrapping paper from the dollar store.

6. Bottle Shaped Favor Boxes

7. Pink Utensils


Rather than leave plastic knives and forks strewn abou, you can make them look pretty for the table by placing them in pink tissue paper and then into mason jars.

8. Green and Purple Themed


9. Princess Sweet Pea Centerpiece

10. Vintage Favor Bag

11. Don’t Say Baby

12. Dollar Store Cake Stands

13. Balloon Trees

14. Name Blocks

15. Glitter Bottles

Capture a touch of elegance without the added cost. Take a brush and dip in elmers glue – paint it on and roll it in a bowl of glitter.

16. Pink Chalkboard Signs

If you are catering for a lot of people then mini chalkboard signs are adoarble to put your table numbers on. Purchase some frames in the dollar store, spray paint pink and add chalkboard paint in the center. This can double up as a favor and guests can use this in their home.

17. Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favors
Purchase poufs from the Dollar Store attach to long lollipop sticks and cover with cellophane bags to make this cute favor.

18. Budget Baby Shower Centerpiece

Budget Baby Shower Centerpiece
The mini topiary is made from a styrofoam ball, scrap book papers and pearl flower pins. Use a flower punch to get the floral shape of the paper. The glass candle holder, baby blocks, and silver tray are all dollar store finds.

19. Diaper Changing Toolbox

Diaper Changing Toolbox

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