Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

If you are expecting the arrival of a bundle of joy – then you will most likely have a party planned. Check out these ways to keep your guests entertained which are some of the funniest baby shower games ever!

1. Hilarious Baby Shower Game

Hilarious Baby Shower Game
This fun baby shower game involves somebody holding up a board with a baby drawn on it and puts their head through the hole where the face goes. A blindfolded person tries to feed them baby food. This is a great bonding game and it’s so funny your guests will struggle to hold their board up without laughing.
source youtube

2. Don’t Say Baby

Don't Say Baby
Get a basket of pink clothespins, each person pins three to their outfit  – if they say baby , steal a pin. The person with the most pins left wins the game.

3. Guess the Belly Size

Guess the Belly Size
Buy a ball of pink yarn and scissors. Get your guests to guestimate the size of your tummy. The winner gets to hug mom’s bump.

4. Speed of Change

Speed of Change
Test your nappy changing speed against another contestant. Get two dolls, two diapers and set the timer. The race is on!
source youtube

5. Cast Your Vote

Cast Your Vote
Cover two tissue boxes – one in pink paper the other in blue. Cut out slips in pink and blue and tell people to write their name on the back of their slip. Bet on the sex of baby – this is also great for a gender reveal party.
source youtube

6. Bow Tie Game

Bow Tie Game
Much the same as the “don’t say baby” game except this one involves bow ties for baby boys.

7. Price is Right

Price is Right
Just like the TV show – except you guess the price of typical baby items such as bottles and pacifiers for example. Purchase several small baby items and keep the receipt, so you know the amount each baby item costs.

8. Dough Babies

Dough Babies
This is a fun game that will bring you back to your own childhood! Buy playdough and have guests sculpt a baby from their dough. Mom chooses the winner.

9. Lego Fire Walk

Lego Fire Walk
If you don’t have lego , you can go to the charity store or dollar tree to pick some up. Best to get practice walking on lego now rather than wait til the baby is actually 3 and leaving it everywhere.

10. Baby Babble

Baby Babble
Scramble up baby related words and make copies of the list for each of your guests. Give them a couple of minutes and whoever is first to unscramble all or most of the words in the time slot – wins.
source website

11. Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

12. Pin the Poop on the Diaper

Pin the Poop on the Diaper
Get a white poster board and poop emoji post it notes to make this game up.

13. Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle
Not quite the same as the adult version this adorable little game is made with card and a card bottle – out different ideas such as sing a lullaby and give spot prizes.

14. Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel
Remember how fun it was to play pass the parcel? Well this version is for baby showers so you can include cute favors in the present.

15. Place Your Bets

Place Your Bets
Bet on the date baby will be born – the closest wins the pot!

16. Decorate a Block

Decorate a Block
source youtube

17. Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

18. Guess the Baby Food

Guess the Baby Food
Get five jars of different flavored baby food. Wrap them according to your theme such as pink for a girl. Number them one to five with matching cards for guests to write their answers. Winner gets a cake.

19. Diaper Pong

Diaper Pong
A different take on beer pong but equally as fun. You’ll need a Tri-Fold Poster Board as well as Nappies and contestants have to get the Ping Pong Ball into each of the bullseye nappies.
Instructions Diaper Pong

20.Pacifier Hunt

Pacifier Hunt
Great for an outside shower – buy some pacifiers and bury them throughout the house. Whoever finds the most wins.

21. Guess how many candies

Guess how many candies

22. Price is Right Game

Price is Right Game

23. Blindfolded Diaper Changing

Blindfolded Diaper Changing

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  1. These are some really cute idea’s! There is quite a few I’ve never seen or heard of and that’s what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for sharing all these cute ideas and I can’t wait to use them for my baby shower! <3

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