DIY Baby Shower Ideas for Boys on a Budget

If there’s a special little bundle coming your way then you’ll be looking for ways to celebrate. But, don’t worry you don’t have to spend a fortune on the occasion – these budget worthy baby shower ideas will make sure of that.

1. Floating Bear

Floating Bear
Create an interesting backdrop with a selction of balloons in ombré shades of blue to gold and hook a teddy bear to the wall as if floating from the balloons.
source instagram

2. Cupcake Rattle

Cupcake Rattle
This adorable tear apart cupcake cake will feed all the troops at your gathering and its quite easy to make. Simply outline a rattle shape on a Cake Board in the diagonal and then arrange your cupcakes into the shape, sticking them together with frosting.
Instructions Cupcake Rattle

3. Balloon Centerpiece

Balloon Centerpiece
A balloon centerpiece is perfect for any party. Use tulle to cover the balloon and place on a decorated box base.  This would also be lovely for a Christening or first birthday too.

4. Blue Pretzels

Blue Pretzels
These make great favors for your shower. Dip pretzels in blue candy melts and drizzle with  white chocolate and blue sprinkles. This would also work great for any  nautical themed party.

5. Elephant Cake

Elephant Cake

6. Elephant Baby Shower

Elephant Baby Shower
The film Dumbo resonates with everyone so it’s no surprise that adorable baby elephants are the inspiration for a lot of baby showers.

7. Belly Cake

Much the same as the tear apart cupcake cake – this is made in the same way – except the cupcakes are layered to form the ‘belly’.

8. Ready to Pop

Ready to Pop
Popcorn favors are so cheap to make and look super cute when put into a treat bag with a ‘Ready to Pop’ label.

9. Shower Pin

Make a wonderful pin for mom-to-be and grandma and aunt using ribbons and card stock.

10. Balloon Arch

An impressive balloon arch can easily be made using wire, plenty of balloons and double sided tape.

11. Pirate Punch

Pirate Punch
A wonderful idea for everything boy themed. 1 part blue poweraid, 2 parts sprite, and cut up fruit

12. Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Sign
A chalkboard sign is a must for any party especially when you want to present a favor table to instruct guests to take their thank you gifts.

13. Baby Grow Guestbook

Use an old frame to make this unique guest book. Guests sign in or leave special message for baby/parents to be! Purchase the baby clothes with pins or make them yourself from card stock.

14. Blue Cakes

Make an impression with layers of beautiful blue cupcakes topped off with a show stopping cake.

15. Big Blocks

Big Blocks

16. Guess the Number of Peanuts

Guess the Number of Peanuts
Great for a navy and grey chevron and elephant baby shower.Guess how many peanuts are in the jar and the winner takes all.

17. Mini Wine Favors

Mini Wine Favors
These Mini bottles,measure 187mL in volume and are perfect for favors.

18. Elephant Cupcake Cake

Elephant Cupcake Cake
Instructions Elephant Cupcake Cake

19. Blue Tutu Water

Blue Tutu Water

20. Baby Shower Gift

Baby Shower Gift


  1. How big is the cake board for the baby rattle cupcakes?

    • Hi Judy, Thanks for contacting us! You can purchase the board here the cupcakes are arranged on the diagonal, and you can then have room to write a little message.

  2. How do you make #9 shower pin step by step?

    • Hi Lex, thanks for contacting us! For the shower pin, you can buy a faux flower and some ribbon of your choice. Cut the ribbon into strips and hot glue onto the back of the flower. Add a ‘mommy’ tag and then secure with a safety pin!

  3. Are the wine bottles 50ml or bigger ?

    • Hi Bethany😊 Mini bottles, also known as “quarter bottles” or “splits”, measure 187mL in volume and are perfect for single servings or toasts.

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