Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas for Tables

Spring into Easter with these colorful and creative Easter Centerpieces which will give a festive look to your tablescape. Celebrate the dawning of new life with flowers, eggs and adorable white bunnies. Your family and friends will love to gather around the beautiful table you have decorated and enjoy relaxing over the Spring season.

Many of these Easter centerpieces can be made from items you already have around the house. For example a tray can be adorned with flowers and eggs or a jar can be filled with pastel sweets. So, give these Spring craft projects a try and choose from your favorite.

Easter Centerpiece Ideas

1. Pastel Eggs

Pastel Eggs
You could use a bigger or smaller block, make nests in the holes and use smaller eggs to look like nests to recreate this stunning idea.
Instructions Pastel Eggs

2. Tray filled with Eggs

Tray filled with Eggs
Pastel-hued eggs tucked into a cozy nested tray with a white bunny, elevate this table for the celebrations ahead.

3. Bonny Bunny

Bonny Bunny
Place a white fluffy bunny in a square wooden box with flowers. This would also make an excellent gift to give to somebody.

4. Spring Bucket

Spring Bucket
Recreate this rustic looking decor by adding faux flowers and a bunny into a pail.

5. Easter Spool Eggs

Easter Spool Eggs
Spell out “Easter” on speckled eggs to make a delightful decoration for anywhere in your home.

6. Easter shabby chic decoration

Easter shabby chic decoration
Pastel pink is so perfect to make a vintage style Easter decoration for your table.

7. White Bunnies

White Bunnies
Set three differently sized white bunnies into a wooden tray to give your table a lovely forest feel.

8. Easter Lantern

Easter Lantern
Make some Easter swag for your lantern with supplies including ribbons, flowers and eggs.
Instructions Easter Lantern

9. Easter Vignette

Easter Vignette
You can get really creative with this Easter Vignette. Add all the items you want to include and arrange them in a way that’s pleasing to the eyes.

10. Easter Tier Tray

Easter Tier Tray
Kids will love having fun switching around the decorations to make this adorable tiered tray decor.
Instructions Easter Tier Tray

11. Easter Table Centerpiece

Easter Table Centerpiece
For a vintage vibe, fill 3 vases with fresh pink tulips and add a crafted bunny for good measure.

12. Easter Bouquets

Easter Bouquets
Make this Easter Egg Vase by filling glass vessels with lots of colorful plastic eggs to held your fresh Spring flowers in.

Easter Centerpiece Ideas
To make this, you can recycle tin cans to use as the vases.
source pinterest

Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas for Tables
Create a sweet, matching Easter decor set with a garden pot, painted egg candle with candle holder and bunny place card. The little bunny holding the place card mirrors the bunny painting on the pot.
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Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas for Tables
For a cute Easter/Spring centerpiece : Sisal bunny in a lantern. Use a boxwood wreath to surround it and sit it in a wooden tray.
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Easy Easter Centerpiece Ideas for Tables
Easter Bouquet purple Easter grass and purple bunny peeps. Nice Easter bouquet to have as a centerpiece.
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