Diy Back to School Nail Art for Teens

Back to school nail art crops up once the summer is over it’s time to start concentrating on all things fall .Take inspiration from many of the items found in school such as apples, pencils, notebooks and crayons. Make sure you are the coolest kid in the class with one of these awesome manicure ideas.

Diy Back to School Nail Art for Teens

1. Classroom Inspired

Classroom Inspired Nail Art
Get the top grades with talons that hint at your eagerness to learn.

2. Colorful Crayons

Colorful Crayons
Brighten a dull day back with this crayon inspired mani. You can make lighter colors of your nail polish using white paint so that the tips can be painted in a darker color to highlight the design.
source jackie18g

3. Crayola Nail Art

Crayola Nail Art
This is one of the best nail tutorials on youtube for that first day back. You will need green, blue, yellow and pink nail polish to complete the look as well as black acrylic paint for the center band.
source youtube

4. Pencil Tips

Pencil Tips Nail Designs
Pink always looks great nails. So make sure you get a good color polish to look like an eraser. Offset this by painting a feature nail just like a pencil in yellow and painting a silver line under the ‘eraser’ tip of the nail.

5. Apples

Apples Nail Art
These juicy apples look good enough to eat especially if you team them with actually eating an apple at lunch – if that’s too healthy for you then just stick to painting the apple designs on your nails in a bright red nail polish.

5. School Accessories

School Accessories Nail Art

Mix up your nail designs by painting a school accessory on each nail such as a ruler, an apple, a notebook and a pencil.

6. ABC’s

ABC's Nails

Abc’s and 123’s get a glamorous makeover when applied to the toes. Use red nail polish on the other nails to set off the look which is great for sandals.

7. Stationery

Stationery Nail Designs

When it comes to all things academic, of course stationery is a necessity. Copy this clever manicure using fine tipped brushes and acrylic paint to get the finer details included.

source jamylyn_nails

8. Back to School Nail Art Grades

A+ Nail Designs

Remind teacher to give you a great grade by donning an A+ on a feature nail. Keep the other nails as plain as possible to really let it shine.

9. Notebook

Notebook Nail Art

The classic lined notebook is a great design to wear on nails. Simply paint your nails in a white nail polish and use a fine tipped brushes to add blue lines and one pink down the side. Finish with an apple or an A+ – whichever you like.

10. Pencil Sharp

Pencil Sharp

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