DIY Back to School Supplies for Teens

It’s that time of year again — back to school. As the cost of school supplies rise, making your own can be a great way to save money and still get the supplies you need. In this article, you’ll learn tips and tricks to create affordable DIY back to school supplies for teens. From notebooks to backpacks and more, you’ll discover the best and most cost-efficient methods to get your teen ready for the school year. Let’s get started and save some money!


1. DIY Notebook Cover

DIY Back to School Supplies
The pretty patterns of washi tape can quickly and easily transform a plain notebook into something beautiful. They come in a variety of different colors and patterns and you can create a myriad of designs.

2. Calculator Cover

DIY Back to School Supplies
If your calculator looks boring print off and mod podge it or paint the whole thing light blue first then do the flowers! Lastly do leaves. After paint dries add two coats of modge Podge to make sure it doesn’t chip!


3. Personalized Canvas Pencil Pouch

DIY Back to School Supplies
If you want a really unique looking pencil pouch, then you can purchase a canvas pouch and decorate it how you like. Either with transfers, fabric paint or even embroidery.
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4. DIY Emoji Dividers for Binders

Make binders more fun by making these dividers using emojis that can be printed off from the internet.


5. Binder Makeover

DIY Back to School Supplies
Transform a plain binder with pretty floral patterns that you can print from the internet.


6. Monogrammed Pens

DIY Back to School Supplies
If you are tired of loaning out pens to never have them returned – why not try your hand at these Monogrammed Pens?!

7. Monogrammed Notebook

DIY Back to School Supplies
Go Back to School in Style: Teal monogrammed notebook and folder for class

8. Emergency Supplies

Emergency Supplies
Emergency supplies are vital so you don’t get caught out. Make up a cute bag for your locker containing items such as band aids, bobby pins, deodorant, money, pads, tissues and chewing gum. Basically items you need to freshen up – or just some spare cash for that unplanned starbucks after school.


9. Pink Supplies

DIY Back to School Supplies
Picking supplies in your favorite color such as pink for example will really make a statement.


10. Everything You Need

Everything You Need


11. Color Coded

Color Coded


12. Post-its



13. School Essentials

School Essentials


14. What to keep in your backpack

What to keep in your backpack


15. Backpack Supplies

Backpack Supplies


16. Holographic Pencils

 Holographic Pencils


17. Pencils



18. Must Have School Supplies

Must Have School Supplies


19. Pencil Case

Pencil Case


20. School Supplies

School Supplies


21. Supply List

Supply List


22. BTS School Supplies

BTS School Supplies




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