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Valentines Day Bulletin Board Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to announce the loveliest holiday of the year by putting these Valentines Day bulletin board ideas in your classroom. Keep students informed of important events by making adorable boards with love hearts, love bugs and bees on them. You can take inspiration from the Bible for a church version. For school you could choose from Olaf, birds, candy or even Romeo and Juliet.

    There are plenty of other ways to decorate your classroom too such as covering your door with hearts and adding mobiles around the room. Get the kids involved and do themed art work that can be hung up around the walls. You could also cut out a big heart and get the kids to fill it with their hand prints – it’s a great themed art work activity to get them all involved and participating. So if you’re looking for imaginative February bulletin board ideas, then check out these Valentines day bulletin boards.

    Love Letters From God #bulletinboards
    Bible verses on white scrolls. Love letters from God for you.

    Valentine's Day Bulletin Board for Sunday School or church #bulletinboards
    “Let all that you do be done in love” from the Corinthians. This is wonderful for both church and school as it gets kids to reflect.

    Great Valentine's Day Board idea
    One bigger heart with little hearts pointing from it – you could have the same number of hearts to represent each child and why not put each individual name o each heart to make it even more personalized.

    Love God with all your heart. Valentine bulletin board #bulletinboards
    Another fantastic one for church or school which gives kids pause for thought and reflection.

    February, valentine, religious, bulletin board, preschool #bulletinboards
    The big hearts really make this board stand out.

    February bulletin board #bulletinboards
    Teach kids how to love themselves with this poignant and thoughtful bulletin board.

    We have included this video from Happily Ever Elementary which is a great step by step tutorial to show you how you can make your very own Valentine’s themed bulletin board!
    Valentine's Day Bulletin Board #bulletinboards
    Get the kids to help cut out all the hearts that adorn this bulletin board.

    Pre-K Valentine's Day Bulletin Board #bulletinboards
    Sending LOVE your way with these awesome Tie-dye coffee filter hearts.

    Love Across the World Bulletin Board #bulletinboards
    Teach the kids geography and new languages with this clever idea. Every day in February you could write under each flag a new way to say I love you in different languages.

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards
    Inspired from the film ‘Up’ – kids are sure to love this one.

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards
    This one is perfect for Valentine’s and Easter to display in church.

    Valentines Bulletin Board #bulletinboards
    Red tinsel with hearts is a great way to adorn your February bulletin board.

    Valentines Bulletin Board #bulletinboards
    The lace hearts on this are adorable.

    Valentines Bulletin Board #bulletinboards
    For a February Valentine Bulletin Board – you can enlarge and copy pages from Romeo & Juliet for the background. Make a Cupid garland border. Google images tree silhouette and the birds on the swing are from the original post onto a transparency . Then project the image with an overhead. Then freehand the hearts with highlighters and markers.

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards
    This is an excellent idea for a February bulletin board for your church or Sunday school.

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards
    Another perfect one for Sunday school or church.

    Valentines bulletin board
    Olaf is a great way to show affection through the winter including for Valentine’s Day and kids will love his friendly face.


    Valentines Bulletin Board
    A big heart turned into a flower will really brighten up your classroom walls during the winter.

    Valentines Bulletin Board
    Heart balloons floating in the clouds are very romantic.

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards
    Inspire them to be good to their friends with this board.

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards
    Teach them how to say “I love you” in other languages.

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards
    A great reflective one for church and Sunday school.

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards
    For this valentines day bulletin board idea color and glue these cute bees onto your

    Valentines bulletin board #bulletinboards

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