DIY Valentines Day Centerpieces for Party

The song says that “All you need is love” so why not make your home reflect this in time for February 14th. You can really make your table look special for the occasion by making an effort to craft one of these special Valentines Day Centerpieces. Choose from tiered trays, wine bottles and vases to set the tone. They could also be used for weddings and anniversaries.

1. 3 Tiered Valentines Tray

3 Tiered Valentines Tray
3 tiered trays are so useful to have as they can be switched out for every season to make a quick centerpiece for your home. Just layer each tier with all the decorations you want such as hearts and red candles for example.
Instructions 3 Tiered Valentines Tray

2. Love Wine Bottles

Love Wine Bottles
Up-cycle old wine bottles into a romantic centerpiece for Valentines Day by painting them red and adding flowers.

3. Jar of Heart Sweets

Jar of Heart Sweets
These heart sweets with a balloon will look adorable on your table and it can also double up as a gift too.

4. Valentines Deco Mesh Candle Ring

Valentines Deco Mesh Candle Ring

5. Valentines Lantern

Valentines Lantern
Make some romantic Valentine’s swag for your lantern with supplies including ribbons, hearts and beads.
Instructions Valentines Lantern

5. Tealight Vases

Tealight Vases
Create drama by using vases of different height to hold tealights.

6. Wine Glass Candle Holders

Wine Glass Candle Holders
Transform wine glasses into elegant candle holders by turning them upside down. An easy and inexpensive valentine’s day centerpiece made with wine glasses, candles, and of course…chocolates!

7. Candles & Candy

Candles & Candy
For easy and cute centerpiece – place candles in glasses with Valentines candy.

8. Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts
Make mini Valentine’s Day bouquet centerpieces using conversation hearts inside a vase and pink daisies.

9. Red and Lace Centerpieces

Red and Lace Centerpieces

10. Valentines Dinner Centerpiece

Valentines Dinner Centerpiece
Incorporate a single red rose in a vase for maximum impact on Valentine’s day.

11. Illuminated Picture Frames

Illuminated Picture Frames
For a personalized touch make these illuminated picture frames. Glue picture frames together with no back and a flame-less candle behind which illuminates the photos. This would be great on Thanksgiving, birthdays,anniversaries, etc.

12. Valentine’s Centerpiece

Valentine's centerpiece

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