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Easy St Patricks Day Nails for Kids

    Kick off St. Patrick’s Day in style with these stunning nail designs. As green and gold are the colors of St. Patrick’s day a lot of the Nail Art designs here are in those tones. Your talons will be pinch proof when the leprechaun sees all the trouble you’ve gone to painting your nails for the occasion. You could also use shamrock decals to save some time, you simply use water to affix them to your nails.

    A lot of the designs can also be used for Christmas too for example glittering green nail polish is perfect for the festive season. Remember to use hand cream too so that your nails are in tip top shape for a manicure.

    1. Black & Green Glitter

    Black & Green Glitter
    For an edgier look, these colors mixed together provide that depth.

    2. Celtic Inspired

    Celtic Inspired
    Drawing from Irish dance costumes – these nails are both elegant and perfect to show off some Irish pride.

    3. Chevron

    Everyone loves a chevron design as it’s so contemporary and you can easily use two colors as part of the pattern.

    4. Dotticure

    Perfect for an ultra feminine look on your talons – this dotticure could use any color combination of your choosing.

    5. Feature Flag

    Feature Flag
    No St. Patrick’s day manicure would be complete without donning the Irish flag on at least one of your nails.

    6. Feature Shamrock

    Shake your shamrocks by painting them onto your nails.

    7. Glittering Gold

    Glittering Gold
    If all that glitters isn’t gold then why does it look so great on finger tips.

    8. Gold Green Tips

    Gold Green Tips
    The official colors of St. Patrick’s Day look fantastic on talons.

    9. Green White Polka Dots

    Green White Polka Dots
    If Minnie Mouse was Irish then she would definitely be sporting these colors on her iconic polka dot skirt.

    10. Green Sparkle

    Green Sparkle

    11.Irish Flag

    Irish Flag

    12. Lucky Green

    Lucky Green

    13. Mint Green

    Mint Green
    Stop the leprechauns from pinching you by donning this lovely mint green on your talons.

    14. Pot O Gold Nails

    Pot O Gold Nails
    Bring your own Pot O Gold to the party with these classy nails.

    15. Shamrock

    St. Patrick’s day is all about the Shamrock so make sure to put it somewhere on your nails for the occasion.

    16. Leprechaun Belt

    Leprechaun Belt
    Give a nod to the most famous character of St.Patty’s Day by adoring your talons with hand painted leprechaun belts.

    17. Sparkling Shamrock

    Sparkling Shamrock

    18. St Patrick’s Day Nails

    St Patrick's Day Nails

    19. St Pats Day Froggy

    St Pats Day Froggy
    As he’s a green creature – this cute frog works perfect for an Irish mani.

    20. Starbucks Inspired

    Starbucks Inspired
    Take inspiration from your favorite drink and incorporate it into your St.Patty’s mani.

    21. Under the Rainbow

    Under the Rainbow

    22. White Shamrock

    White Shamrock
    Switch it up and make shamrocks white on your nails for a surprising contrast.

    23. Shamrocks


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