Awesome Back to School Hacks for High School

They say the school years are the best years of our life – so make the most of it by being fully prepared for the year ahead. Whether you need tips on looking great in a school uniform or advice on what to store in an emergency kit – these Back to School Hacks will help you out.

1. School Hacks

School Hacks
Keeping snacks in your bag is great for when hunger strikes and having your earphones is handy for when you have some free time.

2. Extra Words for Papers

Extra Words for Papers
If you need to make an essay longer, think of ways to make phrases longer.

3. Shortening Phrases

Shortening Phrases

4. Term Research Papers

Term Research Papers

5. Latin Phrases

Latin Phrases

6. Quizlet


7. Emergency Kit for School

emergency kit for school
Keeping an emergency kit in your locker or backpack is vital so you don’t get caught off guard. Keep must have items in this such as money or sanitizing hand wipes for example.You can also add other items which you consider to be emergency or must haves.

8. School Bag Checklist

School Bag Checklist

9. School Year Essentials

School Year Essentials
Get the year off to a good start by making a little checklist before hand of all the things you’ll need and remember to go shopping for them before school starts.

10. Period Kit

Period Kit
Don’t be caught out – keep a period kit to make sure nothing holds you back in school.

11. School Uniform

School Uniform

12. Better Grades

Better Grades

13. Presentations


14. Straight A’s

Straight A's

15. Homework Apps

Homework Apps
Apps aren’t just useful for gaming – there are also plenty out there that can give you a helping hand with your homework.

16. Good School Apps

Good School Apps

17. School Bag Essentials

School Bag Essentials

18. Making Friends

Making friends is an important part of school – especially as you spend so much of your day there. You’ll want to have people you can relate to and share breaks with.

19. Surviving High School

Surviving High School

20. Dating


21. Avoiding Drama

Avoiding Drama
Make sure you don’t get caught up in time and energy wasting drama by following these tips.

22. Successful Learning

Successful Learning

23. Must Have Apps

Must Have Apps

24. School Emergency Kit

School Emergency Kit

25. Back to School Emergency Kit

Back to School Emergency Kit

26. Survival Kit

School Survival Kit

27. Period Hacks

Period Hacks

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