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Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas for Adults

    On October 31st Halloween Party Food comes to the forefront of our minds. With trick or treaters everywhere looking for a candy treat , it’s important that you have your own stock for visting party guests. Many of these can be used for kids parties too. You can be as creative as you like with the ideas – after all anything goes on fright night.

    1. Spooky Smores Dip

    Spooky Smores Dip
    Make smores creepy by turning them into a squish ghostly dip with the use of reeses chips and hersheys chococolate chips – add ghostly peeps and heat in the oven. Use graham crackers to serve.
    source youtube

    2. Band Aid Biscuits

    Band Aid Biscuits
    Before your guests reach for a band aid – don’t forget to offer them some you made a little earlier with wafers, white icing and strawberry jam. Ew!
    source kidspot

    3. Disney Halloween Cookies

    Disney Halloween Cookies
    Nobody does fantasy like Disney and that’s what makes these spooky cookies such a perfect treat for Halloween.
    source thepartiologist

    4. Glowing Vodka Ghosts

    Glowing Vodka Ghosts
    Nothing will impress guests like spooky vodka jello ghosts.
    source youtube

    5. Halloween Hand Treat Bags

    Halloween Hand Treat Bags
    This is a great hack for visiting trick or treaters. Simply fill gloves with treats and secure with a tie at the top.

    6. Halloween Smores

    Halloween Smores
    A Halloween smores kit will really hit the mark especially if you are planning a fire on the night. Make sure to pick up the ghost peeps for authenticity.

    7. Mini Drunken Caramel Apples

    Mini Drunken Caramel Apples
    Use a scoop to carve mini apples from a large one. Allow to sit in caramel vodka. Pop each ball onit a cake pop stick and dip in melted carmel followed by chopped nuts and sprinkles.
    source youtube

    8. Jack Skellington Pie

    Jack Skellington Pie
    source dinnerwithjulie

    9. Pizza Dip

    Pizza Dip

    10. Poison Apple Sugar Cookies

    Poison Apple Sugar Cookies
    With an apple shaped cookie cutter you can make these snow white inspired poison apple sugar cookies.
    source angelicamademe

    11. Pumpkin Vegetable Platter

    For a ghoulishly healthy snack , arrange carrots and dip in the shape of a pumpkin.
    Pumpkin Vegetable Platter

    12. Skeleton Guts

    Skeleton Guts

    13. Skeleton Platter

    A platter with a difference – serve your guests crackers and cheese in a skeleton to help set the mood.
    Skeleton Platter

    14. Drunken Candy Apples

    Drunken Candy Apples
    source youtube

    15. Jello Shots

    Jello Shots
    Give yourself a pleasant shot from these syringes, using Raspberry Jell-O and vodka. The guests will be lining up for this “medicine”.
    source jessiedaye

    16. Voodoo Punch

    Voodoo Punch

    17. Vampire Donuts

    Vampire Donuts
    These little monster donuts are too adorable not to recreate – you’ll need vampire teeth which can double up as a party favor.
    source onelittleproject

    18. Halloween Cake Pops

    Halloween Cake Pops
    Cake pops are a firm favorite with most people , and if you don’t feel like making them you can always purchase them to save time.
    source nycakepops

    19. Jack O Lantern Snack Bags

    Jack O Lantern Snack Bags

    20. Casket Dip

    Casket Dip
    Use any veggie dip or use chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms for a “dirt” casket!

    21. Meat and Cheese Tray

    Meat and Cheese Tray
    Do you have the guts?

    22. Pumpkin Veggie Dip

    Pumpkin Veggie Dip

    23. VooDoo Doll Cookies

    VooDoo Doll Cookies

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