DIY Winter Wedding Party Ideas for Couples

If you are planning to have your big day in the coldest of seasons – then you are lucky enough to be able to go to town on including all things Christmas. Check out these inspiring ideas for your winter wedding that will leave everybody enchanted.

1. Bird Cages & Fairy Lights

Bird Cages & Fairy Lights
Enchant your guests with this ethereal idea which includes using blue fairy lights sprinkled around mini trees and bird cages delicately hung from them.

2. Blue & White Desserts

Blue & White Desserts
This dessert table looks so inviting – especially the croquembouche.

3. Blue & White Theme

Blue & White Theme
When it comes to hosting a winter themed event, you can’t go wrong with a blue & white theme.  Choose items in this color scheme such as lollies, candy and dipped pretzels for example.

4. Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

5. Frozen Themed

Frozen Themed
If you’re a fan of the movie – then why not go all out by taking inspiration from it for your big day.

6. Illuminated White Branches

Illuminated White Branches
To recreate this idea, you’ll need faux white branches, a vase and fairy lights which are wrapped around the branches.

7. Snowflake Centerpieces

Snowflake Centerpieces
There are many different ideas for winter wedding centerpieces, but this simple idea involves transforming snowflake ornaments into a beautiful topiary for your table.

8. Snowflakes & Icicles Ceiling Decor

Snowflakes & Icicles Ceiling Decor

9. Snowy Christmas Trees

Snowy Christmas Trees
There couldn’t be a better excuse to incorporate Christmas trees into your wedding than having it during the season.

10. White Branches

White Branches

11. White Tree Centerpiece

White Tree Centerpiece
Give a Scandinavian twist to your decor by painting branches in white and adding many pillar candles to the table in glass jars. This will exude all the elegance and charm that winter has to offer.

12. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
A disco ball can be easily added to your decor by creating a piece such as white feathers and branches to go around it. Think about how pretty that will look in the evening with all the twinkle shining on your dance floor.

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