DIY New Years Eve Party Decorations

New Year’s Eve is nearly here and it’s the final festive party on the calendar which marks the end of one year and the start of another. Bring everyone together by hosting a party full of joy and laughter. From sparkly treats to shiny centerpieces, these New Years Eve Party Decorations are sure to bring the magic to your festivities.

1. Gold Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Gold Wine Bottle Centerpiece
Make use of leftover wine bottles from the festive season by turning them into this dazzling New Year’s Centerpiece. You’ll need four wine bottles, metallic spray paint, glitter scrapbook paper, numbers stencil, stem wire, tape, and curling ribbon
source vickybarone

2. New Years Tree

New Years Tree
When Christmas is over – give your tree new life by turning it into a New Year’s Tree.

3. New Years Door Decor

New Years Door Decor
This will look great on your door and it’s super easy to make. Simply purchase numbers and ribbon and string each number onto the ribbon ready to hang on your door.

4. Sparkly Cupcakes

Sparkly Cupcakes
Sparklers Toothpick Toppers are the perfect way to add some glitz and glam to your cupcakes for the party season and they are so simple to make with tinsel and tootpicks. Simply cut up tinsel and stick to the toothpicks ready to add sparkle to your cupcakes.

5. Balloon Backdrop

Balloon Backdrop
Balloons are a must for any party. To make this backdrop you’ll need helium balloons for the required year and then add many other balloons to complete the look.

6. Bauble Centerpiece

Bauble Centerpiece
This is perfect for a masquerade ball – add baubles to glass vases.

7. New Years Hats

New Years Hats

8. Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver

9. Sparkling Dinner Party

Sparkling Dinner Party

10. Tinsel & Cakepop Sticks

Tinsel & Cakepop Sticks

11. Great Gatsby Themed

12. Black & Gold

Black & Gold

13. New Years Eve Candles

New Years Eve Candles
Ring in the new year with these simple candle centerpieces. To make these you’ll need drinking glasses, silver garland of beads All you need to do is fill each glass with silver beads and insert a candle. Make as many of these as you like.

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