DIY Pine Cone Christmas Crafts

If you have spent all fall collecting beautiful pine cones – then it’s time to transform them into something magical in time for Christmas. So take inspiration from these rustically wonderful projects.

1. Simple Centerpieces

Simple Centerpieces
Make these welcoming centerpieces by layering pine cones in glass vases and adding Firefly Lights.

2. Cardinal Reds

Cardinal Reds

3. Pine Cone Snowman

Pine Cone Snowman
This cute little guy is super easy to make. Glue a ping pong ball to a pine cone for the head and make a top hat using cardboard. Add pine for a scarf and little stick arms.

4. Pine Cone Trees

Pine Cone Trees
Make this festive decoration to adorn tables, big Christmas trees or even to give as favors. Pop them onto wood slices and add rustic stars for the perfect Christmas minis.

5. Pine Cone Stars

Pine Cone Stars
To make these ornaments, simply glue five pine cones in the shape of a star and add a little star in the center to cover the gap. You could make multiple to make a garland or just to decorate your tree with.

6. Pine Cone Topiary

Pine Cone Topiary

7. DIY Flocking

DIY Flocking
If you love the flocked look – spray pine cones add greenery, fake snow and tiny lights.

8. Pine Cone Centerpiece

Pine Cone Centerpiece
Upcycle a log into this festive centerpiece by adding winter greenery, pine cones and a fake bird.

9. Pine Cone Planters

Pine Cone Planters
Get your porch looking festive in no time by adding Christmas tree branches and pine cones to outdoor planters and finish with shiny red baubles.
source Pine Cone Planters

10. Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Wonderland
Create this festive cloche by placing pine cones under glass.

11. Christmas Tree Forest

Christmas Tree Forest
Make this enchanting forest of Christmas trees with pine cones, green paint, glitter, Plaster of Paris, Tacky glue and cut up old necklaces for the tree ornaments.
instructions Christmas Tree Forest

12. Pine Cone Wreath

Pine Cone Wreath
Make this beautiful rustic looking Pine Cone Wreath for your door.


  1. love all the pinecone decorations, will make some of them, thank you for the ideas

  2. Great ideas!
    How did you make the stars for the pine cone trees?
    So beautiful!

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