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DIY Halloween Trunk or Treat Ideas

    Give your car a makeover in time for fright night. It’s a great option for those who would prefer to be out and about then pinned indoors to give out candy. The supplies can be purchased from craft or dollar stores and you can get really creative with your theme. You could also use it as an opportunity to raise money for charity or just to get the community together.

    Trunk or Treat Ideas for Cars

    1. Movie Theater

    Movie Theater
    If you can’t go to the movies – then bring them to your trunk with this idea. Make a “Now Playing” sign from a board and use paper table clothes to make the red curtains that surround it. You can get some oversized popcorn buckets to put your treats in.

    2. CandyLand

    A perfectly sweet idea that could also be used at Christmas time.

    3. Dory Decor

    Dory Decor
    Get ready for fun with Dory. Fill your trunk with blue balloons and some Dory soft toys to recreate this idea.

    4. HogWarts

    Harry Potter fans rejoice with this enchanting trunk or treat idea which features a huge Wizard’s Hat. You can also bring plenty of lighting into it so it will be bright through the night.

    5. Black & Orange

    Black & Orange
    Use the central colors of Halloween to bring the spook to your trunk. Pumpkins and spiders are waiting to cast a spell on you!

    6. Witch Themed

    Witch Themed
    Bewitch everyone with this spooky trunk featuring a cauldron over a fake fire – bubble bubble toil and trouble!

    7. Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park
    This awesome idea is a must for dinosaur fans! It’s made with cardboard boxes, metallic spray paint, Styrofoam, colored print outs, and a lot of palms!

    8. Starbucks

    Don’t have time for coffee ? Then turn your trunk into your favorite cafe complete with all the caffeine treats you want.

    9. Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland
    If you fancy being the Queen of hearts – then this is definitely for you.

    10. Trunk or treat Mummy van

    Trunk or treat Mummy van

    11. Luau Themed

    Trunk or Treat Ideas for Cars
    Luau themed trunk or treat by Michelle A’etonu using items mostly from Dollar Tree!

    12. Unicorn

    Trunk or Treat Ideas for Cars
    Trunk or Treat, Unicorn with Rainbow Path and Glowsticks Toss the Ring Game.

    13. Mermaid

    Trunk or Treat Ideas for Cars
    This would also be a great idea for a Mermaid party.

    14. Monsters Inc

    Trunk or Treat Ideas for Cars
    LED Flashlights as spotlights, and play the Monsters inc. music in the Van.
    Trunk or Treat Ideas for Cars

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