DIY Floral Wedding Hoop

DIY Floral Wedding Hoop


Add a whimsical touch to your wedding with this Floral Wedding Hoop that can be used for backdrops or even centerpieces on your big day. If you want to make them bigger – use hula hoops instead. You’ll need a Tomato Cage to extract three rings from , some Copper Spray Paint , Copper Wire and some Faux Flowers.

Floral Hoop Table Centrepiece

Hula Hoop Turned Centerpiece

Spring Floral Hoops

Minimal Floral Rings

Floral Wedding Hoop

Hula Hoop Wreath

Jeweled Hula Hoop Ring

Floral Hula Hoop Ring

Rings with Lights

Ring Centerpiece

Turquoise Hula Hoop Centerpiece

Silver & Turquoise Hula Hoop Centerpiece

Gold ring with Flowers

 Hula Hoop Centerpiece

Double Ring


  1. Love the hoop centerpiece with butterflies. Trying to make a similar one for my daughters communion! Where can I purchase those butterflies?? And what type of flowers are used. Thanks so much!!

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