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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

    Show your sweetie how much you care by making him a special present from the heart. Don’t waste money on non sentimental ideas when these Christmas Gift Ideas will really show him how much you care.

    1. Folding Photo Cube

    Folding Photo Cube
    With some wooden blocks and photos you can make this adorable little photo cube.
    source youtube

    2. Matchbox Photos

    Matchbox Photos
    For a super cheap and super easy gift – take an old matchbox and cover it with black paper. Cut the top off a cork and glue this to the box and cover with a bit of black paper to make the box look like a camera you will then fill in the details with a white marker. Now print out a selection of pictures of you two in the size of the box and pop these inside.
    source youtube

    3. Emoji Love Mug

    Emoji Love Mug
    Serve him up a cup of love with this cute mug idea. You’ll need a white mug, sharpie markers, skewers, oasis floral foam and candy. Draw and color your heart emoji on the front and color in with a yellow and red sharpie marker. Pop some floral foam in the mug and stick your candy on the skewers and into the mug.
    source youtube

    4. Coffee Hamper

    Coffee Hamper
    For the coffee lover in your life – this will really go down a treat. Get a box and fill it with items like coffee and donuts.
    source youtube

    5. Hidden Message Candle

    Hidden Message Candle
    For a really simple but romantic gift, write a cute message on a piece of paper. Light a candle and wait for it to melt a little. When there is a pool of wax push your message inside this and when the recipient lights this your message will be revealed.
    source youtube

    6. 365 Day Jar

    365 Day Jar
    Fill a jar with different colored popsicle sticks. Each color corresponds to a different idea such as corny pick up lines.

    7. Christmas Hamper

    Christmas Hamper

    8. String Art Collage

    String Art Collage
    On a wooden block stick pictures of the two of you together and then create string art over this such as the shape of your state for example.

    9. Jar of Kisses

    Jar of Kisses
    A very sweet gift to remind him of you – one kiss at a time!

    10. Mini Envelope Card

    Mini Envelope Card

    11. Shots

    A clever way to express the way he makes you feel in liquors.

    12. Candy Gift

    Candy Gift

    13. 5 Senses

    5 Senses
    Tantalize his senses with these clever boxes – each one contains a different idea , one to do with sight, another with hearing and so on.

    14. Collage Wheel

    Collage Wheel

    15. Sporty Hamper

    Sporty Hamper
    If he’s a sporty kind of guy then this idea will brighten his day. Purchase a sports bag and fill it with goodies like energy drinks , tee shirts and chewing gum.

    16. Color

    Show him how he colors your world with a bright box of skittles.

    17. Love You More

    Love You More
    This idea could also be given to family members such as your mother for example.

    18. Long Distance Hamper

    Long Distance Hamper
    If you find yourself miles apart – then this hamper should help close the gap.

    19. Gift of Time

    Gift of Time
    A present of 12 envelopes – 1 for every month and a date planned in each is a super idea to keep your romance on track and your present thoughtful/

    20. Flowers

    If you’ve been sentimental and saved flowers from bouquets he’s given you – then why not pop them in a shadow box and show him how much he means to you.

    21. Gift Basket

    Gift Basket
    Make a basket of luxury items such as designer underwear.

    22. On the Hour

    On the Hour
    This is a very romantic idea – give a gift on the hour leading up to midnight.

    23. Watch

    A gift of a watch can be made even more special by having it engraved.

    24. Melting Crayon Art

    Melting Crayon Art
    This is super easy to do and looks so impressive. Simply arrange a pack of crayons onto a canvas under pictures of you and your friends and hot glue them in the color arrangement of your choice. Use a hair dryer to release some wax from the crayons to create the colorful rainbow effect.

    25. Letter Collage

    Letter Collage
    Buy the letter of his first name in a wooden block from your local craft store and use mod-podge to secure pictures of you and him on it.

    26. Framed Poem

    Framed Poem
    Write him a romantic poem and paint a little picture – then frame this so he can keep it forever.

    27. Open When Envelopes

    Open When Envelopes
    These make great gifts for a long distance relationship. On the outside of each envelope is a different thought such as “Open when you are Sad” – inside you can place a note about a funny time you had together.

    28. Monogram Collage

    Monogram Collage

    29. Customized Shadow Box

    Customized Shadow Box

    30. DIY Picture Frame

    DIY Picture Frame

    31. Personalized Picture Frame

    Personalized Picture Frame

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