Awesome Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids

Christmas is fast approaching and you will be wracking your brain for creative elf on the shelf ideas. Check out these brilliant ideas that are sure to delight your kids.

1. Balloon Landing

Balloon Landing
Welcome the elf back home with festive colored balloons.

2. Candy Cane Heart

Candy Cane Heart
Make a sweet note using candy canes. You could also use other candy such as M&Ms or jelly beans for example.

3. Candy Cane Sleds

Candy Cane Sleds
Candy canes make the perfect little sleds for your elf. The best thing is – they can be enjoyed afterwards as a delicious treat.

4. Climbing Bow Wall

Climbing Bow Wall
Bows aren’t just for wrapping with this super cute climbing wall idea.

5. Egg Faces

Egg Faces
Hasn’t this elf been naughty ? Using his sharpie to make faces all over the breakfast eggs.

6. Elf in a Jar

Elf in a Jar
Oh dear – looks like the elf has squeezed himself into a tight spot – at least he has a letter to explain his intentions!

7. Messages on the Mirror

Messages on the Mirror
Write a cute little poem on the mirror to encourage kids to do chores and to be nice to each other.

8. Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight
Crunch up balls of paper and make a little snowball fight!

9. Snowman

Create a melted snowman with a dish of water, carrots and some twigs.

10. Sunbathing

With a dish of play sand and a cocktail umbrella, the elf is perfectly situated on holiday. You could also make a little post card for this idea – hand written by the elf of course!

11. Wrapping Paper Stilts

Wrapping Paper Stilts
Two roles of wrapping paper really prop this elf up! You could also have a little wrapped present as an extra touch.

12. Deer Feeding

Deer Feeding
Set up a little station using cardboard for the elf and rudolph – and set up little deer figures to show how they’ve been feeding the deer candy corn. Hopefully this hasn’t made Santa too mad!

13. Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation
The toilet roll must have run out – but look at what that naughty elf has replaced it with.

14. Astronaut

Wrap the elf in aluminum foil to make him into a space man.

15. Peppermint Climbing Wall

Peppermint Climbing Wall
Peppermint sweets make a great climbing wall for the elf.

16. Rolling Elf

Rolling Elf
No wonder the other elf had to use sticky tape – this elf wasted all the toilet roll!

17. Rootbeer Reindeers

Rootbeer Reindeers
An adorable arrangement out of root beer – you’ll need pipe cleaners, a red pom-pom and goggly eyes.

18. Snowflake Toilet Paper

Snowflake Toilet Paper

19. Take an Elfie

Take an Elfie

20. Lemonade


21. Pool Party

Pool Party

22. Give to Get

Give to Get
Put a basket out a couple of weeks or month before Christmas to encourage kids to give to others for Christmas.

23. Peas


24. Nail Polish

Nail Polish

25. Nerf Gun

Nerf Gun

26. Candy Crush

Candy Crush

27. Skittles


28. Hiding

Naughty elf has trapped his buddy. This is an easy last minute Elf on the Shelf idea or for those nights you are just too tired or that morning you wake up to realize you forgot to move your elf.

29. Find The Hidden Treats

Find The Hidden Treats
Kids will love waking up to this idea.

30. Tree Stall

Tree Stall
Help the elf sell his trees.

31. Shrinking Elf Machine

Shrinking elf machine
How awesome is this idea? You’ll need mini Oreos to recreate this idea.

32. Floss

This is a great last minute idea – and kids will get a hoot out of it.

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